Why content?
When you put up a web site, content is the most important element. Its obvious, isn't it? Can you host a party without eats, eh? Your ad copy could be convincing enough to seduce visitors the first time around. But who will come again to take a look at empty plates?

Why outsource content?
Well, don't. Build it yourself. By the time you finish, competition would be light years ahead. Is your job putting up a successful e-commerce site, or plucking figures of annual reports and rewriting news items?

Why outsource content from www.capitalmarket.com?
That's a good question. You must ask this to 100 top rated portals / vortals in India who have already outsourced from us.

Why does everyone outsource from www.capitalmarket.com?
Because content is your web site's life line. In such matters no one likes to cut corners, take chances. They choose www.capitalmarket.com, because of its:

Brand Equity
Capital Market has been supplying offline electronic database content for the last 15 years to more than 800 clients, comprising FIs, FIIs, Banks, Brokers and Corporates. It is in the business of online content supply to websites put up by leading financial institutions / brokers / portals for the last three years.

The significance of data accuracy can never be over-emphasised. All data collected by us undergoes strict audit checks.

Fast Updations
Speed is the essence of the web. Our record in speedy updation of annual reports / corporate results and news has earned us a vast clientele on the web.

One-stop shopping convenience
Would you like one vendor for Stock Prices, another for Corporate Profiles, third for Market News and a fourth for data on Mutual Funds? Well, our specialty is, we supply everything under one roof.